It took a little longer than some people expected, but yesterday Jereem Richards signed on with his first major sponsor since winning gold and bronze medals at the IAAF World Championships in August. It is global sports apparel giant, Adidas. Both parties didn’t divulge any information on the deal, but speaking with Guardian Media Sports from the University of Alabama, Richards said he was thankful to all the people who helped lead up to this moment. He said: “It’s always a great feeling to know that one of these companies look out and have faith in me, and believed, and I’m not going to disappoint them. “I’m going to do the best that I can do and always put my best foot forward.” Having restarted university a few weeks ago, Richards admitted it had been a challenge for him to settle down and refocus on school. He said: “I had to try to let the hype go away because I am still a student and I still have to do my work and make sure I graduate.” Richards won gold as part of T&T’s 4x400m team and bronze in the 400m event at London’s World Championships. (RB)

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