ESD 18:43:31 18-01-2018 DS1842ES.121 121 HOME AFFAIRS - NATIONAL SECURITY - EXCISE INFORMATION SYSTEM Prosecution Office Will Not Open Case over SANS Report on Excise Information System's Work Sofia, January 18 (BTA) - The Sofia City Prosecution Office will not open a case over a State Agency for National Security (SANS) report on the work of the Bulgarian Centralized Excise Information System (BCEIS), Roumyana Arnaudova, Spokesperson of the Prosecutor General, said at a news briefing here Thursday. On Tuesday, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) called for opening up this classified report by the SANS. In the words of BSP deputy floor leader Zhelyu Boychev, the document describes the weaknesses established in the work of the BCEIS and, if people can read it, nobody will be asking whether or not a no-confidence motion against the Government is justified. A day later, the BSP moved for no-confidence in the Government over what they see as a failure in counter-corruption efforts. On Wednesday, the ruling GERB party reacted to the Socialists' claims about the report by calling these "yet another lie" from the Left aimed at attracting media attention to the vote of no confidence. Arnaudova explained that in 2015 the Sofia City Prosecution Office asked the SANS to conduct a check into the work of the BCEIS following an alert about irregularities in the system submitted by Lukoil Bulgaria General Manager Valentin Zlatev. After the SANS sent a classified report on the matter, the supervising prosecutor did not launch pretrial proceedings due to lack of data of a crime. His decision was subjected to official control and confirmed by the Appellate Prosecution Office. The SANS report was sent both to Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov and Prime Minister Boyko Borissov for information purposes. Borissov referred it to Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov with instructions to undertake measures and actions for preventing any kind of omissions in the BCEIS' servicing and management, so that the country' fiscal interest would not be violated. The Sofia City Prosecution Office's decision not to open a case was sent to the classified section of the National Assembly two weeks ago. The Finance Minister's report has been sent to the Prosecutor General and Parliament for information purposes. "Until this information is declassified, we cannot share more of it," Arnaudova said. VI/DS /ДЛ/

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