ESD 18:27:31 18-01-2018 DS1826ES.114 114 POLITICS - PARLIAMENT - PRIVATE SECURITY BUSINESS ACT Private Security Firms Allowed to Guard Public Events, Use Physical Force to Detain Persons Sofia, January 18 (BTA) - At its regular sitting on Thursday, Parliament passed conclusively a new Private Security Business Act moved by the Council of Ministers. The law allows private security firms to guard short public events and mass gatherings for safety purposes, and to use physical force when absolutely necessary for the detention of a person. The law prohibits the guarding of events for which a permit has not been issued under the legally established order. Allowed to contract a private security firm is the merchant or legal person organizing the event. The municipal mayors can contract private security to guard urbanized territories. The law introduces a separate kind of private security business: the guarding of drinking and entertainment establishments, disco clubs, and gaming centres. Such business can include video surveillance in conformity with the Personal Data Protection Act and/or monitoring. To head or carry out private security business, a person must hold the professional qualification of "guard", obtained at an institution within the professional education and training system. A private security business license is issued by the Director of the National Police Chief Directorate of the Interior or an official authorized by him. The Interior Ministry has to create and maintain a single automated centralized register of the licenses issued. The new law sets up a Consultative Council for Cooperation on Private Security Business Matters with the National Police, to be chaired by a National Police deputy director. On the Council are a single representative per association of persons carrying out private security business, and three employees of the National Police determined by its Director. LI/DS /ДЛ/

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