The National Bar Association (CNA)  has offered to  act as a mediator  in what it calls describes as an ” institutional crisis”  with   increasing conflicts and differences faced by the three branches of the State (Legislative, Executive and Judicial), “in order to promote balance and social peace in the country The offer came on Monday, March 12 after  President, Juan Carlos Varela, threatened on Friday that he will assert the “authority” of his position on a “small group of deputies” who, according to him, want to create a confrontation in the country. He was referring to moves in the Assembly to abolish the existing  Credentials Commission The Opposition Democratic Change (CD) and Democratic Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) are seeking to change the Credentials Commission in the National Assembly currently controlled by  Varela’s Panamenista  Party. ANC  president, Dionicio Rodríguez, exhorted to the representatives of each of the organs of the State to comply with what the constitution provides Article 2 states: “Public Power only emanates from the people. It is exercised by the State in accordance with this Constitution, by means of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Bodies, which act limited and separately, but in harmonic collaboration “. Procrastination Rodriguez reiterated the [...]

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