ESD 14:02:01 13-03-2018 LN1400ES.111 111 - ECONOMY - LABOUR - UNIONS Union Proposes Requirement for Employers to Report All Vacancies to Job Centres Sofia, March 13 (BTA) - The influential Podkrepa Labour Confederation proposes that a requirement be introduced for all employers to report their job vacancies to the job centres. They propose this in an opinion paper on the national priorities for the European Pillar of Social Rights. They argue that this will help build integrated database which will give a realistic picture of the needs on the labour market, give jobless people a further reason to register at the job centres and ensure greater transparency about work conditions and pay. Podkrepa propose that the efforts towards greater flexibility of employment contracts be limited to professions where the employees have more negotiating clout and sectors with above-average pay. More flexibility in the other sectors brings about worse exploitation of the workers through threats for layoffs, this trade union says. Podkrepa cited International Labour Organization (ILO) statistics showing that Bulgaria has the second most flexible labour rules after Poland and points out that no changes are needed in this department. It also argues that recurrent unemployment is often a result of flexible employment contracts. Podkrepa believe that the duration of maternity leave is satisfactory in Bulgaria but there is a problem with the opportunities for child rearing after that - which explains why some employers avoid hiring women. Changing this requires having public daycare and kindergartens to offer accessible and free services to families, say Podkrepa. *** One of the ILO forecasts for Bulgaria in a report presented at the opening of the spring session of the ILO Governing Body on March 12, is for unemployment to continue declining reaching 179,000 in 2019. The forum was attended by Plamen Dimitrov, the President of the other influential union in Bulgaria, the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria. According to ILO statistics, there were 203,900 jobless people in Bulgaria, which was less than half of the 440,000 in 2013. Equality between men and women was a major issue at the ILO forum. According to ILO figures, the pay gap is 26 per cent on a global scale, 16 per cent in Europe and 14 in Bulgaria. LY/LN///

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