ESD 12:13:32 13-03-2018 LN1212ES.105 105 - ECONOMY - FINANCE - INSURANCE - 2017 General Insurance Companies Report 1,752,087,031 Lv in Revenue from Premiums in 2017 Sofia, March 13 (BTA) - The gross revenue from premiums reported by general insurance companies in 2017 totals 1,752,087,031 leva for 2017, according to new statistics released by the Financial Supervision Commission. Paid out insurance in 2017 stood at 855,087,702 leva or just over 48.8 per cent from the premiums collected throughout the year. The premiums paid to companies which do life insurance and mixed insurance totalled 449,206,266 leva. Paid out insurance stood at 184,482,329 leva or just over 41 per cent of the revenue from premiums. Insurance companies in Bulgaria managed at a total of 7.297 billion leva at the end of December 2017. It was 678.9 million leva (10.3 per cent) more than this time the year before and 174.6 million leva (2.3 per cent) less than in the third quarter of 2017. At the end of the year, the assets of companies offering life insurance increased by 202.7 million leva (11.1 per cent) to 2.034 billion leva year-on-year. The resources managed by general insurance companies increased by 476.2 million leva (9.9 per cent) to 5.263 billion leva year-on-year. PK/LN/ //

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