News Nation : Thane: Three men escape a fatal accident: News Nation : Heavy snowfall in parts of Srinagar: News Nation : Delhi: Man shot after his bike hits car: CBC News Alerts : The European Union's Court of Justice said in an emergency judgment today that Theresa May's government would need… News Nation : A #fungus that can ‘Eat' plastic discovered in garbage dump in #Pakistan CNN : From the typography to the art, these magazines are pure glamour News Nation : Vijay Mallya arrives in Westminster Magistrates' Court: BBC News (UK) : Walkers launches recycling scheme after storm over crisp packets U.S. News Education : Online platforms are helping educators find funds for everything from pencils and books to field trips and computer… Action News on 6abc : SEPTA ALERT News Nation : #NNBadaSawaal | क्या NRC बहाना है,वोट बैंक निशाना है? Special show ‘Bada Sawaal’ at 5:00 pm today with @_Kumar_Ajay… News Nation : #NNBadaSawaal | क्या देशभर में घुसपैठियों की शिनाख़्त होनी चाहिए? Special show ‘Bada Sawaal’ at 5:00 pm today with… ARY News : The official noted that nearly 1,200 encroachments stood intact on the land allocated for abandoned project of rail… News Nation : #NNBadaSawaal | असमकहां से आए 30 लाख घुसपैठिए? Special show ‘Bada Sawaal’ at 5:00 pm today with @_Kumar_Ajay… News Nation : #NNBadaSawaal | क्या देश में घुसपैठियों की तादाद 30 लाख है? Special show ‘Bada Sawaal’ at 5:00 pm today with… News Nation : #KoffeeWithKaran 6: #DiljitDosanjh reveals why he tweets to #KylieJenner in Punjabi ABC News : Russia's crumbling Baikonur spaceport is Earth's only launch pad for manned flights. Reuters Top News : U.N. Secretary General seeks to promote global migration pact amid objections Al Jazeera News : Exclusive: How France's far right infiltrated Marine Le Pen's National Front CNBC-TV18 News : After the Food Regulator recently asked food delivery platforms to delist illegal food operators, @PriyaSheth7 lear… Action News on 6abc : 2 nuns accused of embezzling money - $500,000 or more - from Catholic school to spend on travel and casino gambling… 10News WTSP : RT @SeanStreicher: The holiday tent is amazing! It will help thousands of Bay Area families this holiday. BBC News (UK) : Paul fought for the British army in Afghanistan and was blinded while on patrol Now he fights in the boxing ring 🥊… 10News WTSP : The Economist : Victoria's Secret is not about to go bust, but looks out of touch in comparison to other underwear makers

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