Zee News : Petrol, diesel price on 23rd March 2018: Check out rates here city-wise https://t.co/YVTyJPZoz2 CNN : Charlotte Pence says she's "all for" comedian John Oliver's parody book, which depicts her family's pet rabbit Marl… https://t.co/LDEmFETq9k TIME : Police make arrest after 2 dead babies found in suitcase https://t.co/sRQgx70PHz Joshua Davidson : Fox News : Teen crashes into exam building during her driver's test, police say https://t.co/WIMID8zAZG Circa : An Oregon woman was arrested for cooking her Chihuahua in oven https://t.co/KdpqmlWDSo News24 : SABC to investigate after claims that historic archive was given to Guptas for 'peanuts' https://t.co/hKk9C43eI2 hirohurl : Blue #Table Runner https://t.co/e2JvZIzJsZ hirohurl : Writing #Table https://t.co/EXEtRt80ex hirohurl : Round #Table Pizza Hours https://t.co/2FWZcAQfrF hirohurl : Sofa #Table With Storage https://t.co/xcMPPwnJmu hirohurl : #Table Top Glass https://t.co/VoMrRsISzU hirohurl : Dinning Tables https://t.co/eoRLo58vnY The New York Times : Michigan slogged through the opening weekend of March Madness. They quickly found their oomph against Texas A&M. https://t.co/taPntSuUPg ABC News : Child-custody case in Florida erupts into battle between state officials and Native American tribe after couple cla… https://t.co/nX3qjiJFQt CNBC-TV18 News : #TrumpsTradeWar| Lewis Alexander, @Nomura says recent developments are risky & can spiral out of control; Trump adm… https://t.co/BmNPbRdqxb Reuters Top News : Record number of U.S. Marines to train in Australia in symbolic challenge to China https://t.co/oPqZfjMsBI The Wall Street Journal : The two-day drop for Asia’s most valuable company, if it holds through the close in Hong Kong trading, would be Ten… https://t.co/Dy9TNUdoBA Fox News : Loyola-Chicago rambles on to Elite Eight with win over Nevada https://t.co/dGligEuKsd News Nation : TIME : Former Playboy model Karen McDougal says Trump tried to pay her after sex https://t.co/Epi9pBV3d7 Washington Post : Actor Anton Yelnich was crushed to death by his SUV. His parents just settled with Fiat Chrysler. https://t.co/ynJtHn3HG7 Sporting News : Florida State (9) is putting the pressure on Gonzaga (4)! Seminoles beat the buzzer to end the half up 9!

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