ABC News : "We do have a very special relationship," Pres. Trump says, brushing a "little piece of dandruff" off French Pres.… Reuters Top News : China may unveil new asset management rules this week - China Daily DNA : AIIMS doctors to look for cancer patients in old-age homes in National Capital CBC News : U.S. is providing just $60 million of a promised $365 million in Gaza aid, says senior UN official TIME : The Wall Street Journal : The White House and the Chinese government squared off at the Supreme Court in a price-fixing case NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt : Amazon introduces in-car delivery service. DNA : 3,775 DTC buses, app-based cabs still not GPS-tracked by Delhi government Interaksyon : "It's not your fault if you grow up poor, it is your fault if you die poor." And other things we might say about po… DNA : Maharashtra government slashes rent for leasehold plots less than 500 sqmt in Mumbai Washington Post : This teen’s racist prom invite was a bad idea. But a free-speech expert says it’s his right. Joshua H. Davidson : Basil and Bacon Sporting News : Franklin the Dog was ready to throw hands. DNA : Shiv Sena-BJP continue Nanar refinery project fight Washington Post : Columbia graduate students strike over university’s refusal to negotiate a contract NPR : Gilbert King's new book tells the story of a rape accusation, a racist sheriff and a mentally disabled white man st… NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt : NEW: If you missed tonight's show, you can watch it here DNA : BKC complex sold for Rs 2,400 crore in biggest deal of 2018 The Economist : Over 80% of Finns trust the country’s police, education and health-care systems DNA : Mumbai has a meagre 163 disabled-friendly toilets DNA : 3,000 Mumbaikars paint 'Majhi Metro' mural in Andheri DNA : 28,000 ‘mobile’ motorists get a ticket from Mumbai traffic department Fox News : Andrew Arthur: “Mexico needs to defend its southern border in order to stop these individuals from coming to the Un… Sporting News : Wanna see a big homer? NBC News : Meet Keil Hileman, a history teacher in Kansas who turned his classroom into a time-machine filled with more than 5…

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