Reuters Top News : Exclusive – Citing the case of jailed Reuters reporters, Pope Francis urges press freedom DNA : CBC News Alerts : RT @CBCHamilton: Discount airline @FlySwoop set to take flight from Hamilton today. CNBC-TV18 News : DNA : Govt committed to Air India's strategic disinvestment: Jayant Sinha Sky Sports News : WATCH ⚽️ Rashford: Fans support is a boost #ENG 🎾 Evans denied @Wimbledon wildcard 🏏 @englandcricket call up bowlin… ARY News : دیکھیں آج رات 07 بجکر 03 منٹ پر #TheRepoters @thereportersary @arifhameed15 @ARYSabirShakir @Ehtesham_AD DNA : #IndiakaDNA: We have exited PDP-BJP alliance, not shunned Jammu and Kashmir, says Ram Madhav Washington Post : Major cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb halts trading after more than $31 million hack 10News WTSP : LOCK YOUR DOORS! About 30 unlocked vehicles were burglarized in Clearwater in the last three nights alone, and guns… BBC News (UK) : ARY News : #Maryam owns 1506 kannals of agricultural land, shares in multiple companies Reuters Top News : Pope Francis backs calls for a stop to family separations on the U.S.-Mexico border. NPR : Rescuers Search For At Least 180 Missing After Ferry Sinks In Indonesia Fox News : Photographer captures whale shark swimming beneath sleepy fisherman 10News WTSP : Reuters Top News : Japan becomes the first Asian country to beat a South American opponent in the #WorldCup Fox News : Volvo opens first plant in United States @foxandfriends @FoxBusiness Action News on 6abc : 6 Minute Meal & Deal: Hungry Pigeon's Beef & Mushroom Skewers Action News on 6abc : Chester Co. woman charged in fatal Norristown hit-and-run CNN : ICE arrests more than 100 workers suspected of using stolen or fraudulent identification to gain employment in raid… Reuters Top News : Exclusive: Pope urges press freedom, cites case of jailed Reuters reporters Washington Post : Bones of Civil War dead found on a battlefield tell their horror stories CNBC-TV18 News : 'Idea of a bad bank in not on the table,' says SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar. Catch his #CNBCTV18Exclusive conversatio… Guardian news : Sexual abuse rife at UAE-run jails in Yemen, prisoners claim

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