CBC News Alerts : New Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa tells exuberant Harare crowd he feels 'deeply humbled.' He is speaking af… https://t.co/n7RmkJQ3LG Washington Post : Opinion: Congress must investigate Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct https://t.co/pwtbyym9Z3 The New York Times : If you're going to bake a cake, bake an amazing cake https://t.co/1y8CzfvOmv Motorcycle News : How about a Black Friday deal you ACTUALLY want? Get an extra 20% off all our motorcycling magazine subscriptions,… https://t.co/kqvKJqstwH China News 中国新闻网 : Photos taken on Nov 23 show groups of black-necked cranes foraging and flying over at the Lhasa river valley, south… https://t.co/aJqSSumoIu Washington Post : Ambulance trips can leave you with surprising — and very expensive — bills https://t.co/z78Y7CpcYh Science News : Here's why your brain loves "fake prices." https://t.co/z4uZpCabaw NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt : After years of abuse, Lisa Harper thought she wasn't "good enough" to be a mother. Then she learned about an HIV p… https://t.co/ZoQELwk6CV News24 : Pitso praises Manyisa for doing the 'dirty work' | @Sport24news https://t.co/tZCzRdN9tq TIME : 16 high-paying jobs that won't overwork you https://t.co/gq2yc4L2f8 ABC News : Facebook adds 500 more contractors in Germany to review content after new law comes into force targeting online hat… https://t.co/aUQnffEbww Action News on 6abc : Do you know the origin of Black Friday? Find out what the day is named after and other fun facts. Happy… https://t.co/yXPx2I7tsm NBC News : Democrats dominate again in Washington state. First up: voting rights. https://t.co/QqM6IhTZqN Washington Post : A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm https://t.co/myurzq2Ex3 The Wall Street Journal : Picking a fund manager who beats the index is tough, but picking one who beats it through ability is harder still https://t.co/8XIFEWEdRo Zee News : Rajput community members on Friday held protests in Jammu city demanding a ban on the release of the film "Padmavat… https://t.co/2iVYO3Yv6E InterAksyon : 'We recognize that we have no say whether they were violated by our actions and we put them in a position they were… https://t.co/thsII0sVZM CBC News : Montreal police fail to address racial profiling, report says https://t.co/5kXORjAOPh Reuters Top News : Lebanon's Jumblatt criticizes Saudi over Hariri https://t.co/mzGGt0T0vL Ashley : RT @Best_LifeNotes: Man Gets Revenge On Craigslist Scammer In the Most Satisfying Way Imaginable https://t.co/E1DLy5x8sI Ashley : RT @Best_LifeNotes: Helping Friend CNBC-TV18 News : Modi-Moody’s-Money driving rally on D-St! Top sectors which could produce #Multibaggers https://t.co/IgEIt482ML Ashley : RT @Best_LifeNotes: 26 Hidden Images in Logos That Prove Companies Are Actually Pretty Clever https://t.co/yoTGJshHf7 The Economist : FIFA’s flawed ranking system played an unacknowledged role in eliminating the Azzurri https://t.co/OLPyAThAVi Reuters Top News : Ireland trying to force Northern Ireland to stay in customs union after Brexit - DUP https://t.co/6DUmUYg9rS

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