DNA : We never ask a swayamsewak to work for a particular political party: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat https://t.co/m6XjM7VD8v Reuters Top News : Brazil's Bolsonaro still leads in presidential race, Haddad jumps to second: poll https://t.co/uJzNa8bcUS Fox News : [email protected]: “I’m a conservative… because I believe in individual liberty and equal opportunity for all.” The Economist : Low unemployment rates in Britain, Germany and America have not translated into wage growth https://t.co/QVFMGWeecB Guardian news : 'Killing a generation': one million more children at risk from famine in Yemen https://t.co/ATEViLVbgJ ARY News : #IHC verdict on #Sharifs’ pleas against sentence likely today https://t.co/wevGccDesO CNBC-TV18 News : News Nation : #AsiaCup2018, India vs Hong Kong: #AnshumanRath's men win hearts as Men in Blue survive mighty scare #INDvHK… https://t.co/TshSweMwEy CNN : A high school woodworking class in New Mexico has hand-crafted wooden urns, adorned with the symbols of all the bra… https://t.co/WOdX0GAD7a Reuters Top News : North Korea's Kim says to scrap missile sites, visit Seoul https://t.co/LPAjJSTUAy Reuters Top News : AstraZeneca plots China robot offensive to counter price cuts https://t.co/IsyrOgD1qQ CNN : From Jeff Bezos to Warren Buffett, these billionaires are snapping up newspapers despite the fact that the industry… https://t.co/GU4J5YJJre NBC News : Hillary Clinton tells @Maddow that she predicts that President Trump "is going to wholesale fire people" after the… https://t.co/HhuwtA0394 The Wall Street Journal : As corporations struggle to fight off hackers and contain data breaches, some are looking to artificial intelligenc… https://t.co/ANQUb9VvRr The New York Times : Some of the young Chinese hockey players receiving trophies looked stunned, as if they had seen a ghost. But, yes,… https://t.co/LOnqwgLGuu News24 : Boy, 16, arrested for driving 168km/h in a 60km/h zone in father's GTI | @CannyMaphanga https://t.co/ZY6lDw68la TIME : Brooklyn Diocese will pay $27.5 million to settle sex abuse claims https://t.co/Kn7Q9kECiH Sporting News : Rockies fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Trevor Story should only miss a few games, after earlier fears he could… https://t.co/CQzz5Kgz4t DNA : 'I can break one of your legs and give you a crutch': Babul Supriyo snaps at event for differently-abled people https://t.co/jVwgJ7L7uR ABC News : Aerial video shows devastating flooding submerging trucks and houses in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence dum… https://t.co/QXtI5G4axF Zee News : South Korean President Moon Jae-in, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sign summit agreement in Pyongyang https://t.co/MhP6fTvh2U U.S. News Education : Students are getting creative in their search for additional funds to pay for college. https://t.co/GmhleCS6N7 Vanuatu Social Media : [email protected] is out! https://t.co/SuELmIBal1 Reuters Top News : Oil prices steady as concerns about producer output outweigh U.S. stockpile gain https://t.co/l3NfP4ZyqF China News 中国新闻网 : A giant landart painting entitled "Message From Future" shows a girl dropping an origami boat into Lake Geneva in S… https://t.co/qvuNrxEg9P

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What’s in a Name - 98Clicks represents the 98 different news stories we present to our readers every day. This means that when you read the stories on our site you are accessing headlines from local news sources from exactly half of the countries in the world, giving you a wider scope of view than is possible when reading news from the traditional news outlets you may be accustomed with.

Why 98 News Stories and not 196? - Although there are 196 countries in the world we felt that presenting news headlines for each of them would take an excessive amount of time for our readers to get through each day. We felt that half of that number would allow us to provide a bite sized chunk of information for our readers, while still ensuring they have access to a significant amount of news they would not usually have.

Mission Statement - To provide local news stories from around the world to readers in a simple, accessible manner that hasn’t been biased by our own countries media and point of view. We want to hear what local people have to say about their own countries.

How - We source our news headlines direct from national news outlets found local to each of the 196 countries in the world. We then randomise what stories out of the 196 countries get shown each day to give our readers a bite sized chunk of the world’s news.

Why - The internet enables all the information in the world to be at our fingertips with the press of a button, yet despite this, our knowledge of what people outside of our environment live through is still limited. We wanted to show what the world looked like through these people’s eyes, to present their news stories to you and allow you to understand what they go through each and every day.

We are Not Perfect - In our search for news sites to present the most up to date and current news stories we are aware of the fact that not every website we will have discovered to represent the news of each nation may not be entirely free from bias. If you feel you know of a news source that would be a better fit that one we already hold in place, please let us know.