DNA : BKC complex sold for Rs 2,400 crore in biggest deal of 2018 https://t.co/so3hc9LpVw The Economist : Over 80% of Finns trust the country’s police, education and health-care systems https://t.co/OglbveyGKW DNA : Mumbai has a meagre 163 disabled-friendly toilets https://t.co/pDbgP39gWu DNA : 3,000 Mumbaikars paint 'Majhi Metro' mural in Andheri https://t.co/QTRKNhPMFy DNA : 28,000 ‘mobile’ motorists get a ticket from Mumbai traffic department https://t.co/nGm0NYr2vz Fox News : Andrew Arthur: “Mexico needs to defend its southern border in order to stop these individuals from coming to the Un… https://t.co/Q8NYLEYBtN Sporting News : Wanna see a big homer? NBC News : Meet Keil Hileman, a history teacher in Kansas who turned his classroom into a time-machine filled with more than 5… https://t.co/ShT4NONjhX Interaksyon : The order to deport Sister Patricia Fox is in, following her more than two decades of work for the poor in the Phil… https://t.co/9x8agXVGH8 CNN Breaking News : Federal judge rules that the Trump administration must accept new applications for DACA https://t.co/RCjx1bVpl7 NPR : RT @nprparallels: Those Affected By Trump's Travel Ban Hope For End To 'Chaos' After Supreme Court Case https://t.co/1Hc2FFPA9P Reuters Top News : U.S.-China trade fight reaches top American court in antitrust case https://t.co/RU1GXGdEU5 Circa : BREAKING - Judge rules against ending program to protect Dreamers https://t.co/uj2gfJDaMZ Mace Gem : RT @mulplayer: The man pushes on cats to make music ..simply amazing!➔ A man has created the first ever 'cat organ' to play music. Action News on 6abc : RT @JamieApody: 🙌🏻 @SixersFranklin ABC News : When Prince William and Princess Kate’s newborn made his debut outside a London hospital, he did so in a shawl stee… https://t.co/EOKC18shgP Action News on 6abc : Tesla crashes into gym, nearly hits man stepping off treadmill https://t.co/sNEgYRZZXv The New York Times : Here's what makes the special election in Arizona interesting https://t.co/43s8r6U3A0 Action News on 6abc : Dad drops baby off balcony into firefighter's arms https://t.co/31v5bjXekK The Wall Street Journal : Opinion: Ian Bremmer's "Us vs. Them" foresees a near future increasingly made up of societies at war with themselve… https://t.co/C8l2bXdFpK China News 中国新闻网 : "I believe the trade will work out ... hopefully it'll be good for everybody concerned," Trump said. https://t.co/BALSnBMSEz NBC News : Rapper Meek Mill was released from prison, after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted his release request. Mill… https://t.co/pDd2xiPdGy TIME : Millie Bobby Brown can't believe Cardi B isn't at the #TIME100 Gala https://t.co/M21ENRRE5y Fox News : Kyle Kashuv describes "interrogation" over gun range tweet: "Did I do anything wrong? I mean, it's still America la… https://t.co/UTaBUrZPqN

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